The holiday season is just around the corner!

Praca na wakacje z APN praca w Polsce. Opole i okolice.

This is an ideal opportunity to gain new experiences and earn a few pennies. At APN Work in Poland, we have a lot of new job offers for you at this time, which is just waiting for your move.

We have holiday offers, but if you like working with us, nothing stands in the way of continuing your chosen job even after the holidays. We allow you to acquire new skills and complete internships. We are open to people entering the labour market.

We invite students and graduates. Our offers are intended for Poles and foreigners. With us, you will always find something for yourself! We encourage you, especially men, to familiarise yourself with the latest job offers in production and work in a two-shift system.

More information about job offers can be obtained from our recruiters by phone: +48 600 238 200

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