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Report to us!
We invite you to contact our recruiters by phone or via messengers!
WhatsApp +48 696 779 454
Rakuten Viber +48 696 779 454
WhatsApp +48 735 205 853
Rakuten Viber +48 735 205 853
WhatsApp +48 696 780 315
Rakuten Viber +48 696 780 315
WhatsApp +48 735 205 853
Rakuten Viber +48 735 205 853


Visit the office
We will be pleased to meet you at our office in Opole at ul. 1 Maja 9/62, our door is always open for you.


Talk to the recruiter
Talk to the recruiter
We will conduct a conversation with you, match an appropriate offer for you and present you with our facilities (our advantages).


We will take care of the formalities
We will provide free transport and arrange accommodation. We will help you set up a bank account and submit an application for a PESEL number to legalise your stay.


We provide constant support
At every stage, you can count on our support – we are here for you!

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