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We arrange all necessary permits free of charge!

As one of the few on the market, we do not charge any fees for arranging the necessary documents needed to take up legal employment in Poland.

The legalisation of stay in Poland

As APN, we provide free support for employees in procedures legalising work and stay in Poland.

We provide our employees and candidates with comprehensive advice and professional support in legalising the stay and employment of foreigners in Poland free of charge.

Proceedings related to the legalisation of stay and work, particularly formalities associated with obtaining a temporary residence and work permit, can be time-consuming. At the following stages, the applicant must submit several documents that must be obtained, for example, from ZUS or the tax office.

We meet our employees and candidates; we realise that formalities in a foreign country can be stressful and problematic for those interested.

With us, all formalities are carried out by a proxy, and the applicant’s participation in the proceedings is limited to the necessary minimum.

Introducing such a model a few years ago allowed our employees or job candidates to be sure that their applications were submitted correctly, without formal irregularities, which may extend the procedure’s time.

We operate comprehensively and analyse each case individually.

Visa based on type A work permit

In the case of the procedure related to obtaining a visa based on a type A work permit applied for by APN, the candidate receives from us:

  1. the original type A work permit and a copy signed via the so-called electronic signature
  2. additional documents, including information on employment conditions, provision of accommodation
  3. a package of information necessary for the proper completion of the visa application

Residence or resident permit

Our employees also assist employees and job candidates during other proceedings, including:

  • permanent residence permit
  • long-term resident’s permit


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